Carrot Harvest Disappointment

Oh man did we have a carrot related disappointment this week. As I’ve mentioned before we had a very early spring this year, so I was able to plant seeds in my raised bed garden quite a bit earlier than what would be considered normal.

Brian was getting excited about the prospect of carrots and had been asking me for a few weeks, “When can we pull the carrots?” I think it was killing him not knowing their progress. All of our other plants, aside from the onions, are very showy. You know exactly what’s going on! But when it came to those carrots he just had to know!

I told him they needed 110 days and that we’d be able to pull them up on April 29th. HeĀ remembered the date, but I think I got it wrong!

So we found ourselves out by the raised bed garden getting excited to pluck a carrot! I thought their greens didn’t look full enough, but not having any prior experience with carrots I was keen to go by the date I’d made up and also was curious about their progress!

We were so excited I took a series of photos to document the grand event!

We got a big laugh out of that underdeveloped little toot of a carrot. A lot of build-up and a lot of disappointment. I guess I either planted them too early or plucked them too early. Either way, its a real shame that we’re down a carrot.


One comment

  1. Aw, sorry to hear about your disappointment! I always plant my carrots a bit close together so that I can thin them as they grow: it gives me a chance to check their progress and eat the tiny ones early without feeling I shorted myself on the full grown ones. You also might like my post this week on enjoying your garden in all its phases ( or one of my earlier ones on planning the season (


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