Our First Tomato Harvest

Our first tomato harvest of the year! We had a very early spring this year in North Texas so I planted my raised bed vegetables in mid-February. We didn’t really have a winter, just a few modest freezes scattered throughout the winter months. So, our first tomato harvest was on April 30!

Granted it’s just a small handful of tomatoes it still felt really good! Brian slept in this morning so I waited for him to wake up before I ate any.  I was so excited to show him the array of tomatoes on the windowsill this morning. We picked the reddest ones, “clinked” tomatoes and ate them.

They were delicious! Much more flavorful than store-bought although maybe not as sweet as some brands. There was an array of flavors from the first bite to the last chew. I’m sure my tastebuds were keen to taste these cherry tomatoes differently since I grew them myself! Even still, I’m positive they were juicier than grocery store cherry tomatoes and its no surprise with all of the rain we’ve gotten since February, when I transplanted them.

A few of the tomatoes I picked this morning were still a bit orange, they were deep in the canopy and looked much redder back in the shade. So, I put them all on the window sill for ripening…

I took a nap in the afternoon and woke up to an empty kitchen window sill! Brian confessed that he ate them all while I was asleep! Even the orange ones? He just shrugged.

“I ate one and it was really good. So, I just kept eating them one by one until they were gone.”

Love it! Wished I’d had the opportunity to have at least one more but I love it all the same!



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