Eggshells, Yellow Squash and Blossom End Rot

I wrote about the rather disappointing discovery that my yellow squash plant was suffering from Blossom End Rot or BER. I was so confused because I knew I had great soil directly out of my long-established compost pile and all of my other plants were flourishing. Alas, it seems that this plant just needed a bit more calcium than my soil provided.

As an experiment, I added calcium-laden eggshells and eggshell powder to the top of the soil and watered it in. I got a little carried away when I prepared this round of eggshells. I was so impressed at the how our Vitamix blender was breaking up the shells that Brian encouraged me to really turn up the dial! So, when I opened the lid I saw that we’d actually created one part shell bits and one part eggshell powder! Now that I see how effective the powder has been, I’d do it again. Definitely.

In a matter of days I already had two beautiful squash – much larger than I’d had before! Success! So far… I can’t wait to see how they mature and if I’ll continue to fend off blossom end rot.

2017-04-25 12.27.40

Not only did I get two nearly identical squash to grow, I managed to get “grocery store rejects” on my first go! These two baby squash appear to be conjoined!

It’s no wonder that my soil is lacking in calcium now that I think it about it. Since we have some pretty curious pups, I haven’t ben putting food scraps in my compost pile. Just lawn sticks, clippings and dried leaves. Since that’s the soil I used it probably is missing a few minerals and nutrients that “voracious eaters” like squash need.

I’ll continue to put food scraps directly into the soil to feed the squash and get some missing nutrients into the soil. I just dig out a little hole away from the base of the plant, near the edge of the pot and dump a few food scraps in. Just cover it back up like a squirrel and you’re good to go!


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