Update on Egg Shells for the Raised Bed Garden

A quick update on preparing egg shells in for use as pest control in the garden! I wrote before about crushing egg shells with a rolling pin in a baggie. This is just my old-fashioned mind keeping me down, y’all!

After toiling away and making a gigantic mess, I happened to notice the Vitamix over my shoulder sitting pitifully unused. So, a few days later, I gathered another small batch of recently rinsed, washed and dried egg shells and threw them in the Vitamix blender.

Oh my gaaawl. Y’all! It took two seconds to get pulverized egg shells! Not only were the shells reduced to the acceptable teensy bits that I needed, a plume of eggy smelling smoke burst forth when I removed the lid! Hallelujah!

That egg shell powder-smoke byproduct is excellent. While it won’t be as effective as a pest barrier it will be a great calcium laden powder that I can add right back into the soil. Everything coming out of that blender can be used!

Sometimes I wonder about myself. I wonder what else I do on a daily basis just making life harder for myself. Geez.

If you missed it, egg shells are an excellent and effective creepy crawly pest control method and a great way to add calcium and magnesium into the soil of your raised bed garden!



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