Honey Badger Level Tomatoes!

Our tomatoes are honey badgers and they just don’t “give a shit.”  These guys are taking over the garden! I mentioned before that I made the decision not to prune and prod them. I want to see what those suckers can do! Time will only tell if this was wise or foolish. But that being said, I wish I had cut off more protective garden netting from the spool when I originally installed it.

I bought this netting on Amazon a while back. It was hard to determine which was the best for my purposes. Plant netting comes in a shockingly large variety of colors, sizes, shapes, lengths, widths, etc. Some are made for rows of plants that have arched supports, some are made to keep even the tiniest of bugs out. Some are black and ominous.

I decided to go with a netting that simply kept the birds out. I’d deal independently with creepy crawly pests as needed.

I already knew that I wanted a green net to blend in with the garden – white and black were just never an option. I found this spool of netting that was perfectly wide and so long that it provided enough for two installments. Or so I thought.

When I installed the netting, I really thought I’d left enough for growth. I pulled it across my tall tomato stakes and unwound a few extra feet to lay in the grass in front of the front raised bed garden wall. But man, I really had not anticipated the plants growing above our 6 foot fence!

2017-04-23 10.20.59

2017-04-23 10.23.55

Whenever I pull the netting back to tend to the soil at the base of the plants, it never seems to go back right! Each time I come up a few inches shorter and shorter and shorter. Now, I’m having to pull and stretch bits and pieces from one end to provide coverage for the other end!

Today, I laughed at my solution – a hilariously patched-up seam with my garden hemp. I already had it out for my cucumber trellis so it was a natural choice for this emergency. Fortunately, my garden hemp twine is also green so it blends well enough that its not so bad. It definitely has more of a hobo, cinched bag effect than the draped netting look I was going for. But as long as it keeps the birds out, its good enough.

2017-04-23 11.04.28


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