Thank You, Squirrel!

I’m not going to pretend that our resident squirrels do not drive me nuts. But that’s not to say that we can’t all work together sometimes! I saw a deep and wide squirrel-dug hole next to my spicy mustard greens and remembered that it was time to empty my compost jar in the house!

I had already purchased my raised bed garden kit from Greene’s before I read about the magic and practicality of keyhole gardens. Not being one for circle shaped gardens, I wasn’t too dismayed that I had already committed to a rectangle raised bed garden. However, I loved the idea of a garden that incorporates composting directly into the soil.

So, when I saw the squirrel hole today and being that my mustard greens were cut back I realized I had a great opportunity to feed the roots to my leafy green vegetables!

I continued what the squirrel started and dug a long trench right next to the side wall of the raised bed. I got my super stinky and super full compost jar and dumped it into the trench, squashed it all down with a hand trowel and covered it back up to do its magic and feed those roots!

I was relieved to see that I did not disturb any roots where I was digging. Fortunately, leafy green roots are both shallow and narrow! It makes for easy compost fertilizing, soil improvement and management.

I’m already thinking about how to modify my current garden set-up for the fall to imitate a keyhole garden, without the circles and stones.

2017-04-21 17.00.46
The squirrel hole that gave me inspiration!
My food compost bits thrown into the new trench I dug.
2017-04-21 17.01.17
My stinky jar of compost. I used a pantry jar that I already had. I now see why they make special compost jars for the kitchen with charcoal filters!

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