Wilted Mustard Green Salad

I talked before about how skeptical I was about planting spicy mustard greens in the limited space in our raised bed garden. I wanted to start small and plant only what we’d actually eat. Mustard Greens just seemed like a boring plant, even if they were spicy! But Brian was excited about them and kept pushing the seed packet into the “yes” pile. So, I went with it.

The greens were getting crazy big and it was time to harvest them. My skepticism lived on when we plucked a leaf and ate it straight out of the garden.


The first few chomps were tasty and delightful, but then it turned bad quick. It was so peppery and… well… spicy that I spat it out onto the ground. It was the same way a baby rejects a new food: I made a sour face, opened my mouth, arched my tongue and just let it fall out.

So basically, I wasn’t excited to cook them.

But! Much to my surprise they cook up without the spicy after taste. Its sort of like spinach, really! Not to mention that in the compost mix they’re growing in they are surely packed with nutrients.

Brian winged a great recipe and it was delicious with a hearty steak. He really has a knack for bringing together flavors that I’d never have picked! Granted, this photo looks like 90% bacon… Ha!

2017-04-19 19.21.12.jpg

Spicy Mustard Green Garden Recipe

2 Slices of Bacon, save the grease
1 Tbs Olive Oil
1/2 c Cherry Tomato
1/2 C Walnuts
Mustard Greens, fill a Large Bowl

1.) Pan fry the bacon slices. Drain the grease into a small bowl or cup for use later.

2.) Pour about 1- 1.5 Tbs of the bacon grease and 1 Tbs Olive oil into a skillet. Cover the bottom of the pan. Bring to heat over a medium flame. (If you use only olive oil, I recommend adding salt in step 5)

3.) Once the oil is hot, chop the walnuts into large pieces. Sauté the walnut pieces in the bacon grease and olive oil mix.

4.) Add the cherry tomatoes, stir for about a minute until softened.

5.) Chop or rip the mustard greens into palm sizes pieces. Add the mustard greens into the hot oil, walnut and tomato sauté. Wilt the greens for about 2 minutes, 3 if you don’t want any crunch. Use your best judgment because this part happens fast!

Serve and eat!

You can definitely eliminate the bacon grease and use only olive oil if you want to cut back the fat. I’d just recommend adding a sprinkle of salt after you’ve added the mustard greens to the skillet. We didn’t need any salt because of the bacon flavoring.

And yes, our side dish was sans caterpillars!



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